Timeline For Launch: 

1. September 2015 to December 2015. 

a) Forming Advisory Elder Board.  

b) Recruit Volunteer/Launch/Core team members.

c) Fundraising/Vision Casting & Meetings.

2. Move into Shimokitazawa by March 2016.  

* Neighborhood walk through/research | Team Prayer Walks |  Host home group of 10. |  Connect more with locals.

3.  Soft launch by September 2016 | once a month worship gathering.

Criteria for soft launch:  Soft launch is simply a ‘once a month worship service.’  The criteria for this launch is to gather a ‘critical mass’  of 40-50 people, including core group.

a) Continue to meet at Joey & Yisel’s home.  | Evaluate |  Core members Training (Gospel Training For Leaders) |Prayer Walks.

b) Meet in Gospel Community Groups (GCGs) on other weekends with non-Christians led by core members.

c) Seasonal parties, Live music Evangelistic outreaches, Art Galleries, Christmas Preview Worship.

4) Launch into regular worship gathering by Easter 2017. 

Criteria for launch:

  • Gather a ‘critical mass’ of at least 60 to 70 people.  
  • Have at least 5 Gospel Community Groups.